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Quality You’ve Come to Expect

Engineered with the latest technology and the quality you’ve come to expect, Do it Best’s exclusive Channellock® products include everything professionals and DIYers need to complete every project. From gloves and hand tools to tool boxes and vacuums, Channellock has what you need for every stage of the project from planning and preparation to building and clean up.

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Dedication to Excellence

Channellock’s legacy of quality tools began in 1886 when blacksmith George B. DeArment worked on improving the tools farriers’ used on horse hooves. Years later the line expanded to include hammers and in 1933 the multi-position, tongue-and-groove, slip-joint style pliers called Channellock Champion were developed. Now, Channellock manufactures over 120 pliers and other hand tools. DeArment believed in four guiding principles the company still holds firm to today. Good management is never far from the factory floor; people are more important than machines; bigger doesn't always mean better; and dedication to excellence is the surest way to surmount adversity and to prosper.

Built to Last

Channellock’s prime line of high-quality striking tools includes a full range of hammers, sledge hammers, mauls, axes, mattocks, picks, and more. The hardened and tempered heads are forged from heat treated carbon steel. These strong, rust-resistant tools are up to any task and are built to last.
Keep working longer with durable, dual-injected fiberglass handles, they’re more comfortable than wooden handles and provide better strength and grip.


Complete Your Workshop

Channellock’s exclusive products include everything you need to complete your workshop including tape measures, gloves, tool sets, tool carts, tool boxes, job boxes, striking tools, wrenches, staplers, extension cords, work lights, flashlights, drywall lifts, cutters, gear pullers, saw stands, work supports, and wet/dry vacs. Get all of the high-quality tools you need to complete any and every project, make your workshop a cut above the rest with innovative tools from Channellock.